School Facilities

We are passionate about giving you more

At Mater Ecclesiae College we provide state of the art facilities for your wards in order to promote good academic standards ,staff & students’ comfort and safety as well as general well being at all times


Learning through inquiry extends the development of students.Our students get the best practical knowledge as their conterparts around the world.

Biology Laboratory

Asides having the bright teachers in human anatomy, our O’level biology trainings stands out and we thrive to impart this knowledge in your wards

Sports Facilities

Learning is a developmental process that changes our thinking and behaviours, enabling us to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes while providing a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and independent reasoning.


We pride ourselves on offering a well-balanced education with opportunities for students to excel in many different areas. Academics are of course a priority for our students, and their hard work and talents are demonstrated through a variety of assessments, including external examinations.Thanks to our echelons of library resources online and offline.

Music Room

Wide-ranging activities including Music & Arts offerings provide fun and engaging outlets for athletic, creative, intellectual and service-oriented pursuits for students of all ages.

Condusive Hostels

Our new campus hostels , designed by world-renowned architect provide myriad advantages for our learning community.

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