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Mater Ecclesiae College

This is where amazing things begin. Where anything is possible. At Mater Ecclesiae College, you will work hard to develop your talents to the fullest. And along the way, you will discover new paths and possibilities. We are excited for you to be a part of this journey. Come find the path that is right for you.

Our Mission

As a co-educational Catholic College, we fill students with the aspiration to attain the heights in academic pursuits, reverential appreciation for the sense of the sacred and love for the supremely divine as well as a strong belief in creative thinking and initiative.

Our Vision

To raise men and women of sterling character and profound integrity, imbued with sincere respect for the dignity of the human person regardless of creed, colour or class; love for learning and commitment to innovative leadership.

Our Values

We believe firmly in christian morality,politeness, hard work,responsibility, respect, courtesy and good manners.

Our Everyday Goals

We see potentials in our students to pursue their goals and dreams through our academic, athletic and artistic programme, along with the opportunities our close-knit and collaborative community provides young people each day.
We mould students into thoughtful, disciplined, well-rounded adults by providing a multifaceted education that includes, discipline and morality.

Our Administrator

Welcome to Mater Ecclesiae College, a co-educational home for learning and culture.

The burning desire of the catholic community of the Church of the Assumption, Falomo to offer a world class institution of learning as well as contribute to the educational sector of the nation gave birth to this noble College project. In line with the desire of the universal church for catholic education, our College develops the spiritual, intellectual, moral and socio-cultural dimensions of her students.

With an understanding of today and a look at tomorrow, we prepare students for purposeful living in whatever society they find themselves.

Mater Ecclesiae students crave for excellence. Filled with dedication and commitment, the programme of studies fosters steady understanding of self and the world. With a team of dedicated staff, we journey along with all our students to make them the best of themselves. Life-long skills are incorporated into the learning experience to explore and enhance the creative skills and abilities of our students.

Mater Ecclesiae College has the desire to be a first class institution of learning, equipped with ultra- modern facilities that enhance teaching and learning for purposeful living in a serene and quiet environment.

Respect for the human person and appreciation of the uniqueness of the male and female genders is fostered in our students. In an atmosphere of complementarity, our young boys and girls work together and offer their special abilities and potentials for the common good. The dignity of every human person, regardless of gender is of utmost concern in our College.

Trusting in the unfailing intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary – the Mother of the Church – we are confident of God’s unfailing help as we strive to reach the heights in all we do.

Imagine yourself at Mater Ecclesiae College. It is a tranquil place.

Peace and God bless.

Rev. Fr. John Njorteah


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We expose students to all of the best available resources online and offline to keep abreast with their counterparts in other schools of the world.


Students are exposed to extra artificial intelligience technology provided by Robotic Center.


Our tuition fees are the best available for the standards we provide contact us for more information on tuition fees


The Mater Ecclesiae College Alumni Association is comprised of graduates of our school who are making remarkable impacts in different institutions around the world.

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