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Meet Don-Adinuba, Kamsiyo
SS 3

To be honest, I never believed I would be standing on the podium as one of the fastest students. I never had my mindset on becoming an athlete. Running is just my hobby and I rarely took it seriously. Our maiden Inter-House sports has revealed the potential in me. It made me realize that more could be achieved when we activate our inner potentials. I guess all these years of watching “Flash”- a movie – was not a waste of time.

Don’t give up on whatever you do. Don’t heed the voices of discouragement. Most importantly, believe in yourself. Manifest what you desire into existence and watch as providence will listen and allow it to come to life.

Meet Awugosi Uchechukwu Anthony
SS 2

Running has always been my passion. It has always made me happy because it keeps me fit and healthy. However, it is not always easy because I work hard and train consistently to keep improving.

Being an athlete has given me the opportunity to meet with persons of like interest. I have been able to speak with a few of them who shared some secrets of their success with me. My motivation is the support of my family and friends. My target is to become the world champion someday.